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Break 'Em Up'(feat. Big Body, Highbeam

put ya guns down
its time to squad now
ya'll then kick it up in the club dont try to run now
he's saying thugged out
but back in 88 bust I heard ya plugged out
thats what ya name and became and moved down south
still the bitch you was in the city
mo money mo cash mo hoes now ya sitting on 20
if it came down to it nigga fuck your mob
and if ya wanna get em all we can squad and squad
I say now who want they ass kicked ass kicked
who wanna get touched with plastic plastic
I see ya standing in the path trick path trick
now do ya wanna be around bitch around bitch
cuz I dont give a fuck if the club on ya block or not
cuz if ya step on our toes then its bound to get hot
its bound to get heated all of us we got a SK and a chopper
better utensils bound to break me off proper
from the 51st ward nigga
we all ghetto so while ya practice looking hard nigga
you need to let go and umm remove ya bodyguard nigga
how ya'll wanna do it
we can take it to the yard nigga we rob niggas

break em up
fuck that let them niggas fight
break em up
fuck that let them niggas fight
I cant breathe somebody get em off me
I cant breathe anybody get em off me
break em up
fuck that let them niggas fight
break em up
fuck that let them niggas fight
I cant breathe please get em off me
I cant breathe mothafucka get em off me

back the fuck up
who in the hell wanna get it on
Ima bout to pull a kick door like that nigga James Jones
lets move these bitches in lets get these niggas out
is that your girl keep talking shit Ima slap the gold outta her mouth
cuz Im a real nigga for all my trio niggas
Im squashing the issue cock back hit em in his grill nigga
fuck how ya feel nigga
jumped in make ya drinks feel nigga
tear the club up like the mafia till I make a mil nigga
shorty shake something
the way you look and make a nigga wanna rape something
standing on the side of me
oh no but drunk at the bar looking like ya wanna take some
and if somebody ask how much my bitch cost
with an ignorant ass I burst like that and bound to get tossed
reload this disrespect for that nigga
that'll be your arm and your leg
your arm and your leg
when he jumped up like a bomb in his head
lets see and we make thugs like us make bloodshed turn clubs red
get in the middle of one of my fights Ima leave ya all dead


[Big Body]
well I fell up in the club tonight
hit the bar had broads on my nuts cuz Ima balla
legit is dub click real niggas to fuck with
Big Body and Highbeam we all up in this bitch
tearing the club up tear the club up
popping that hoe shit that gets yo ass fucked up
so what ya thought nigga that we was soft nigga
hell no nigga get that ass tossed nigga
five strength dont slang a gang fucking banga
and in our head shot rearranging ya frame
Im like ugh ugh ugh beat this nigga down
security cant get us off ya ass now
we dont dance no more like Goodie MO-B
all we do is squad and a 9 milli's
Chi town to the dirty south we gonna get ya crunk
when we fall up in the party watch the deck go up



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