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Razzamatazz / Jazzamatazz

Oh, back again makin' the rhythm kick jazz
Used to be wick wack, now I got funky pizazz
Idryss'll do my fade up 'cause he cuts 'em like class
And the chicks want me to lick 'cause I'm too quick, I think I'll pass

Dollars, if I don't fold 'em, I roll 'em like a bolo
Other steppin' to brothers 'cause he be God? Oh no
God, I be not he, it's true, don't call me loco
And my man Eric the Wiz will stir the mini mix up like Coco

Cut like Michael Myers, start up fires, I'm a scar hard
Thinkin' I be wimpy, I just simply rip 'em far apart
Ansaars in New York, I know that you know that you are God
This brother's from Chicago, so I guess' I'm a Chigagod

Rhythm is my producer of rhythms on the wax
The posse lower level be kickin' some funky tracks
Never ask, I ax, I get madder than Max
Dig 'em smacks if they try to tax, I play 'em like a sax

Rock me, call it what?
Rock me, call it what?

Styles, I hand 'em, I brand 'em like cattle cakes
Better get flows from your bros if a battle takes
I hear a hiss, the tale of a twaddle shakes
Backs this breaks givin' aches to the rattlesnakes

I get spunky with funky stylin'
Rhythms I flow, I kick them wild and
Tryin' to get with the styles I'm pilin'
For your sob story I better get the violin

Come again, watch a fun one construct
I don't like sissy chickens and I hate a sucker duck
Some label me a sucker because ducks I like T pluck
The only way I be a sucker is if women wanna suck

Always goin' broke so I don't dig into my stash
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I'm cool as Brian Robbins on the show, head of the class
If you don't get the picture, make the camera go flash
When this rhythm was a baby, doc spanked him on his jaz

Rock me, call it what?
Rock me, call it what?

Study my culture, soar like a vulture
My teacher Marvin Howard will create my sculpture
I'm kickin' Islam, some brothers try to bomb
Facts can harm but I still say, 'Salaam'

Sometimes I blush, bust and leave puss
Hush if I must, plus I don't forget to flush
With suckers I fuss, thought I was soft like a slush
Chicagods crush 'cause they think toys are us

Hip, hip what hop?
This funky hip, hip what hop?
Is funky hip, hip what hop?
This funky hip, hip what hop?

I'll make a drip, drip what drop?
I like to rip, rip what shop?
I always slip, slip what cops?
Reachin' the tip, tip what top?
Come in again

Buck buck, my rhythm be knockin' at the do'
Mi stamina rock, mi stamina rock, blood clot, I do not know
Why they judge me by one rap and say too fast I flow
Even though I kinda thought I said, 'It slow, oh'

Rock me, call it what?
Rock me, call it what?


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