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Smoke Wit You'(feat. Speedknot Mobstaz, Baby Boy

[Ad libs by Baby Boy]

[Mayz - Spoken]
Shorty, come here girl
You know you (?)
What's goin' on with your thick-ass
Check this out
I got this weed, we got this henny and this alaze
I got my guys the Mobstaz, Twista over there
You know what I'm sayin, we fin to do it up
We fin to kick it and smoke
You know what I'm sayin'
I want you to roll thick with us, let's ride

What's up miss thang, tell me what's your name
Coke throwin', I'm that rugged brother Mayz with a hyper but a flow
Let me take you for a cruise and we go to Tahoe
We can smoke and ride to the remix of 'Nice & Slow'
Ain't no reason to say no, all I want is a good time
By getting in the 50 yard line and bump and grind
We can get our grub on but I ain't spendin' a dime
Except for (..?..) swisses and wine
I wanna drink until we're boozed at the match of playin' (?)
While I'm takin' you to school we can trip and get cool
And talk about how fun it is to break the rules
Then you do these fantasies to try something new
Baby let me sell you the dream and make 'em come true
It ain't all about sex but we can do that too
Get you something to go back to tell the girls in your crew
I hope you do so I can get with them and tell 'em how you feel

Girl I just wanna smoke with you
Girl I just wanna smoke with you
Some with you

[Liffy Stokes]
It ain't nothin' like bendin' curbs, puffin' herbs
On the mission for derb 'cause all week all served
Now it's time to lay back with some cogniac
Pullin' up blow, tell 'em where my homies at
Push on that pack tell 'em niggas I'll be back
I got a green broke down for some else to grab
A bitch in school, kicked off the piece and loot
Gettin' derb loverly as we cruise the coupe
Hoes swoop like troops to dive in while I'm drivin'
Got a wave and choosin' a slick nigga who's rotten
Bumpin' it feels good, chokin' on backwoods
With a pocket full of scraps, the sun beams on the wood
It used to be henny but now it's remy (?)
And mo' poppin' got me the (?) with (..?..)
Partyin' with my people as we sit, we're payin' dues
So I make it my business to ride up and smoke with you


[Baby Boy]
I wanna smoke with you
I wanna smoke with you
I wanna smoke with you
I wanna smoke with you
Smoke with you

Sex you with the different flows, (?) the O's of three different drawers
Pimpin' though to pop a hoe, roll in my Optimos
I can illy with the doves, make feelings with the tounge
Henny all the time, fuck that, I really want some fun
'Cause this canibus, scandalous, it's romantic, it's Romeo
Look at my 4 forty-O see how much (?) be blow
Show for sure, met this click names Swisha lick a low
Hit the demo, tappin' hen (?) on, you know
Now must've been those parties up in (?) with rollies
Then I'm ghost like Obie Kinobie with a bitch and my homie
And (?) get roadies
I can swole and roll in no trays
Smokin' this sticky spliff with Lif and purple haze with Mayz
Blaze on Baby Boy, smoke out from the lot to the bungalo
Where I run up and hoes do shot right up the nose
Come up with those, by the way now girl, now I know you ain't finished
When the sticky menace get in this, we gon' get down to business
Let me smoke with you


[Baby Boy]
Can I smoke with you
Can I, can I smoke with you
Baby can I smoke with you
Baby and your friends too
So baby what'd you wanna do
Can I smoke with you, baby
So tell me what'd you wanna do, oh
Smoke with you, ooh, oh
So baby what'd you wanna do
Can I smoke with you
And your friends too
Oh baby, yeah
I wanna smoke with you


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