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Jazz Cartier

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Jazz Cartier

Too Good To Be True

We were running out of time
Never said whats on your mind
Now the secrets come to light
Thinking how I was so blind
Underestimated worth, and I guess its for the worst
Now you see me out with cover girls and girl I know it hurts
That's how you feel
You go out and drink and hop behind the wheel
How you having business dates and go and stick me with the bill
All the times you needed saving say my name you know I will
Now look at me, fresh to death and man that's word to Uncle Phil
Once I found out what you lied bout
I went Winehouse and that's real
Said you were flying out to your moms house
You need a timeout, to just chill
Funny how I'm never crossing your mind
Tables have turned now I'm crossing the line
Fall came around you were falling behind
Then you made a web and got caught in your lies, cuzzi

You just too good to be true
You just too good to be true
Couldn't tell me the truth
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You just too good to be true
Now I put the blaming on

I put the blaming on you

Now my new girl so light skinned
Tried to tell me she don't like women
I'm back stage, I need 9 minutes
I'm a be the man till my time finish
Make up on my white linen
Her insides on my white denim
Poison Ivy with the lights dimming
She sucked me dry like she likes venom
I need a whiskey sour, with the light lemon
Young Kane with these white women
Young Kane when my ice glisten
I'm a jaguar with my night vision
I made you a promise that I'd hold you down
Felt out of touch, you were feeling it too
I told you I love you, you didn't believe me
I act out of pity but you were to good to be