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Jazz Cartier

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Jazz Cartier

The Downtown Cliche

Wassup? Come here often?
Not often enough! Cause I ain't see you in a long.

I ain't ever seen ya'll niggas a day in my fucking life
Niggas always tryna claim downtown like they fucking own it nigga
It's my city, La Fleur

I don't see you niggas downtown, I don't see you niggas downtown
I don't see you niggas on road, I don't see you niggas on road
I don't see you niggas downtown, I don't see you niggas downtown
I don't see you niggas on road, I don't see you niggas on road

Niggas created a dream, within a city where I'm never sleeping
They prep in the week and they round up they boys and they tackle it once it's the weekend
They hop in the whip and my mind is a ship, I hear sirens from all of the beacons
Til they bounded by life, don't get lost in the night
Because many have drowned in the deep end
Bitches, bitches, I need me some features
Niggas just want some acceptance, you niggas need Jesus
Derek's the God, Drew is the Pope, but I think we done fucked with the deacon
Cause the way that you niggas been speaking, you niggas think they can fuck with the legion?
Leeches, (grunt) you niggas some leeches
Tryna get paid off a wave I created, I'll leave you in pieces
Niggas just wanted the fashion, but all of they diamonds and gold til I cease it
You heard of the legend you know I'm the legend, my nigga you better believe it
I live in the city, I live for the city, my nigga I'll kill for the city
Bodies on top of bodies, look at all the niggas I killed in this city
So let's know where you at, on this side of the map
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There's one thing that I do know, this right here's a fact

Fuck yo fashion (fuck it), and fuck the clique that you run with
Waste yutes, wave riders, Y'all boys on my old shit
Y'all boys standing with my old bitch
Y'all boys walk around like you own shit
Shit, if Summer's for the bitch niggas, let's see what happens when the cold hits
Placing my bullet right next to my bible
I order my bitches to sleep with the rifle
They'll shoot at intruders and shoot at your idol
They'll shoot up your wedding like 'fuck your recital'
I leave the city, leave niggas entitled
I come back with presents for bitches and rivals
Chariots greet me upon my arrival
I'm Nino In 'New Jack' embracing my psycho
I am the president. Fuck all the politics!
I don't need niggas to show me acknowledgement!
Lack in the field and you lacking in confidence
I been the dominant, you been the opposite
I am Jacuzzi I look like a Fugee
White people love me, you think I was Clooney
King of my city, my bitch is a beauty
Downtown my scene but I star in this movie

I'll bet you think it's all about you
I'll bet you think it's all about you