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Jazz Cartier

Secrets Safe Local Celebrity Freestyle

This is the shit that make niggas like you wanna knock on my door (aye aye aye)
Bottled some shit for a while but now fuck it, I had to explode (aye aye aye)
Niggas just wanna control, meanwhile I had the remote
Plenty of internal conflict that happened, I had to explode (aye aye aye)
I been on the up-and-coming
I ain't ever been a runner-up
I'm a leader, not a frontman...
but I'll let you lil' niggas front
La Fleur F-50
who taught you niggas how to stunt?
Niggas got emotions on criss-cross
go up on the roof nigga, fuckin jump
Raf Simmons, Rick Owens,
so much designer but you living with your mama, dog
I'm feeling like Cannon back in '09
I ain't really with the Drumma, dog
We ain't got nothing in common dog
unless you putting up commas dog
I'm Roy Batty, Blade Running
I might hit you with the monologue
'Man down!'
They be screaming out 'Man down!'
Niggas used to hate up on 'Cuzzi
Now them niggas all fans now
Now them niggas got they hands out
Now 'Cuzzi got bands now
I made a lot of money, lost a lot of friends
It's like I'm building castles in the sand now
I've been dreaming to the fullest
Back when Rodney Mullen had a mullet
Top Gun Cruise, no bullet
I'm just tryna spend a night with Sandra Bullock, lord

Ring the alarm (Ring the alarm)
Tell them be calm (Tell them be calm)
I do not fuck with no chickenheads, please bring them back to the farm (Back to the farm)
Ring the alarm (Ring the alarm)
Clear out the dorm (Clear out the dorm)
Help will arrive in a minute, just make sure that no one is harmed

(Heh) The recipe for disaster
You the type to answer questions, still guessing the answer
I'm swift, like Mr. Clean, a nigga mess up the matter
But I know niggas say the word'll make him mess with a hammer
I plan on, living forever nigga I won't expire
Niggas tell me to give it up, I tell them 'sing to the choir'
It's Fraiser, Ali, David sprung Goliath
Pastor told me to say a prayer, lit the bible on fire
(Hmm) I'm Sleepy Hallowing demons, I'm steady following
Under the moon, on top of the hill, with wolves howling

My bitch rolling up a blunt
If I hit that shit once, I'll be coughing up a lung
Look around the city, can't mimic what I've done
A lot of people gonna hate when they notice you the one
You was doing fraud? I was selling blow
Fucking up a comma got drips down her throat
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10 minutes past perfect in the depths of my mind but my nigga still lurking
Local celebrities nigga
I ain't stressing these niggas
Everybody want a plate, I say a blessing for niggas
If you really wanna eat, I got the recipe nigga
Yeah, I fell asleep to an angel
Woke up next to Satan
Sold my soul to the devil, I'm as free as a mason
Yeah, I got a hundred white bitches and they all love niggas

Back in highschool, I did 2-a-days
Now I'm in the studio every day doing 3 a day
I'm just a bad angel with some good intentions
Niggas want a feature but I'm too expensive
They pree what the jargon is
I dropped 'Set Fire' on em huh?
I am not a rapper, I'm an arsonist
My name ring bells in every continent
Niggas wanna blog post now, I'm fuckin' with them columnists

Swerve right, make a left at the intersection
Chillin' in the cut with all this money, need a disinfectant
I got a bitch with some lip injections
And don't play that weak shit around me nigga.
I might disconnect it

How you doing? Nice to meet ya
Cut the cheque, Bye Felicia
I'm better than everybody who coming up
Niggas know where I be at, who running up?
Nigga, popped my first M with Auggie
Had a nigga on bounce like I'm sitting on laundry
Eating sushi, drinking Sake
Had a couple wise cracks, but a nigga no Gandhi
These new kids metro, I'm still dominion
Liquor spilling, molly on the tip, go and lick it, tastes delicious
Mama never left the house, in return I had to face the wicked
As the only black kid in Idaho, man the shit was vivid

I'm from Toronto where they call it the 6ix
Tell labels, don't call unless they offering 6
I'm going off with the grit
So off with the shits
I be screaming out 'done know nigga'
Jazz in this bitch like a Trombone nigga
My shit finna drop and I postpone niggas
Having discharge like the ozone, nigga
Roll up to the club with like 3 or 4 niggas
Then I leave out the club with like 3 or 4 bitches
That's a light stunt.
Niggas ain't safe out here
Spring time, niggas flake out here
Better hold your weight 'round here
Secret's safe out here

Yeah, 'Cuzzi