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Jazz Cartier

Guardian Angel

Ha ha ha

Funny ain't it, how life works?

They hate you they love they hate you again, Uh

(I am made God's image)

You know, God don't like us nigga
Ha ha Momma always said that to me
She always said that God loves you Jacuzzi
And I always wondered why?
(I am made God's image)
They say birds of a feather flock together
But in your case... they don't
You are free now, rejoice!
(I am made God's image)
You gotta take 'em into your world
Cigarette ashes on the bible, late nights
Tell em' so they understand Cuzzi
Tell em' they need to understand
Where you came from this anger
This anger, Where did it come from?

My life been a flight with a lot of delays
I prefer a blue skies, lately mine have been grey
A little turbulence but luckily my linen was safe

Couple of bodies were laid on the path that I paved
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I was fightin' the pressure my spirit may have been broken
These niggas left me to dry these niggas thought I was hopeless
Even with smoke in my mirror you couldn't fuck with my focus
Had to lay off the drugs, balance out my psychosis
My anxiety tweekin' like feds tapping my phone
I ran away with a dream and didn't plan to come home
I tried to give you a chance but y'all just brag and you boast
I mean my Gucci is charged where the damage controls
I make sure my phone sterilized offing all the parasites
Bout to O.D like I'm Mildred from Fahrenheit
Golden Child you know the name I had to clarify
This is what y'all waiting on welcome y'all to paradise
For real

(God damn
Well ain't dat about a dollar in a bitch

Go ahead Cuzzi
Glad you got that off yo chest
I always knew your wings were made of plastic
So go ahead and fly
And never come back
It's your time now
You been waiting so long for the motherfucker fuck you gonna do with it
Either way
And when you reach that castle in the sky
Make you sure tell them your story
About; Marauding In Paradise)