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Swollen Members

Blood Sport

There's something going on here... Something evil...

[Verse 1 - Prevail:]
I'm killing em fast, I'm built to outlast
Unveiled the mastered flow
I'm willing to smash, I'm spilling your guts all over the concrete floor
Where is the janitor? Who is your manager? Man he really must know
Otherwise other brothers lives are gonna get posted all up on a TV show
Channel changin', I'm rearrangin' and disengagin' on foes
I hope they fallin' down, I'm all around
They crawlin' around, I hang my thrope
I use these words abusively, I don't have to slang no dope
Confusing me is an illusionary tactic used by passive folks
That's why I use these massive volts
To flow through bolts like Frankenstein
He's alive, P's arrived so your old flow is asinine
Pass the time then rearrange, give me a pen then be amazed
He's unphased, livin' in sin, women and gin, unlimited wins
I'm Prevail, I don't fail, I'm not even sure what that word means
That's factual, very actual, on contactual weight of scene
Sign the dotted line then audit all the income
That you made from style biting while I'm writing
I'm an original you're a re-run

[Verse 2 - Madchild:]
(I must speak to you it's something terrible
Well, what is it? So speak!
I know who the monster is.)

I'm Madchild, I'm a methodical beast
Welcome to another periodical piece
I'm a twisted pitbull, watch these rotties go weak
Smilin' now and all you see is a fuckin' lot of gold teeth

[Verse 3 - Prevail:]
I'm Prevail, I was born to reign, imperial bloodline
Dark harvest moon, consume luminous sunshine
Sparks turn to fire, burn those who are tongue tied
The life of vampires so I live more than one time

[Verse 4 - Madchild:]
Calculated strategies, maniac that's homicidal
Bomber, suicidal with my hand up on the bible
Lungs made of gas tank, tongue is a stiletto blade
Young Frankenstein, brain is covered with the metal plate
Spirit walker, dark lyric author
I fear what I hear just might be an offer
Deep preparation, keep elevation
Breathe deadly statements with sleep deprivation
I'm long gone - strong, blonde, and senile
Standing in my long johns, King Kong's free now
Mind's high security, the system's penile
Had to go to pretrial to walk The Green Mile
You don't want to fuck with Madchild, I'm ill boy
I'm Hellboy, I kill boy, it's such a kill joy
Climbin' up the hill like Jack and Jill boy
For real boy, I rap like I'm packin' steel boy
I'm flappin' off at the gums kid, and them some
Gold teeth clinkin' while I'm makin' my income
I'm Jean-Claude Van Damme of blood sport
Racks like drug store, kill it like a drug war

[Verse 5 - Prevail:]
Cannonball crush, I'm the walking apocalypse
Disguised as a human so my movement ain't obvious
Comprised with the elevated mind of anomalous
Combined with the rhyme style that don't show tolerance

[Verse 6 - Madchild:]
Misguided angel, I'm the king of the throne
I'll call me little monster when I'm sittin' at home
I'm the fuckin' real deal, gettin' rid of these clones
You should consider me the kid or I'll be slittin' your throat