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Swollen Members

Odd Goblins

[Verse 1 - Madchild:]
Fuck the swabblin' I'm just hobnobbin' with hobgoblins
From Vancouver to Providence, mobbin' to solve problems
Standin' on this hard concrete but still wobblin'
Rockin' on this Rob V. beat with full confidence
A monster stompin' on ya, smash your brains into lasagna
With the angriest persona, hot like Shane was in the sauna
I'm the fuckin' best man, you're the maid of honor
I jump around and shave my head like I'm Sinéad O'Connor
Prev rockin' dreads like Bob Marley and the Wailers
While carrying a blade as big as Sinbad the sailor's
I'm the gnarliest, louder than a Harley is
I still spit retardedly smart, known for my tardiness
Sponsored, I get boxes of Monster, Diamond, and RDS
I'm fuckin' single now so tell me where the party is
Hardly anyone from Hollywood to house a parliament
When argue with the fact I eat a beat like it was marmalade
My thoughts are carbonated, meanin' that they're bubblin'
The problem is the darkness in my head is also troublin'
Torn like I'm foreign in a new Porsche sports car
Soarin' like its pourin', in a new form chorus starts

[Hook - Madchild:]
Tier 3 card carryin' barbarians
Give her the long run, you're fuckin' with the wrong one

[Verse 2 - Prevail:]
I'm smashin' you through plaster, I'll fly y'all through dry wall
It's an eyeball for an eyeball
You'll need more than a Tylenol
Lullaby y'all, goodbye y'all, you'll die y'all before I fall
It's a bylaw that my raw rhyme hit an all time high
Spit it on time with an off time, now you're off line, swine
Get your paws off mine before my jaws cause crime
Leaps towards, across three or more continental lines
I'm Optimus Prime, the pressure's fine, look out mankind
I'm comin' forth, run or morph, immortals never fade away
It's training day, spit this wicked sickness with the razor blade
Who stays awake for days on end, creates amazing music blends
Spiderman and his amazing friends, the Silver Surfer rides again
Clabber the never
My mic is endeavored, a level beyond all comparison
I'm cannibal crush, I turn them to dust, I'm always defending the garrison
Where in the hell is your backup now, looking for an exit route
I line em up then light em up, I blow them up then X them out