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Swollen Members

Creature of Evil

[Verse 1 - Madchild:]
Okay, ain't nobody out there dank as Shane
Everybody busy out tryin' to yank my chain
Got a roof over my head so I can't complain
I'm a motherfuckin' champion that's amped again
And I have felt my share of ample pain, Rambo's brain
Jumpin' on a tramp with a bamboo frame
But I'm a panda, I'll eat through that bamboo, shoot
Drink a motherfuckers blood like it's Campbell's soup
Command my troops
Too awesome to describe
Flossing in my ride with a blossom by my side
Asian honey and milk, my little bunny in silk
There's nothin' funny, I got money to build
Too powerful to stop, I'm an owl on a rock
I got power in my cock, you got flowers on your sock
Music for the futuristic flavorful teens
Wearing human made shirts and rocking neighborhood jeans
Futuristic, too sadistic, I'm super twisted
BAXWAR making music for a group of misfits
Sometimes I'm under, too ballistic
Our group is gifted, take it in like I was eucalyptus

[Verse 2 - Prevail:]
Arrows fly through the sky
Spears pierce through the flesh
Battleaxes leave you earless
Armor on the ground'll rust
Whole calvacades will fall
Doom legions also will
I can crush the precipice
Statues that no longer stand
Look at all those broken dreams
Sliver sword behind the veil
Space travel infinite, dimensions roll upon in cells
Encounters of the third kind, fifth element of Earth
[?], mega brand, I'm aqua terror
I don't have to move for you
Magic kid like Dr. Strange
If you're seein' weird illusions, brain'll trick the inner eye
Somethin' loose inside the circuit board'll make you second take
Saint michael the archangel is safeguarded from wickedness
I decided I should probably try to bring it back to basic square one
Learnin' how to reassemble infrastructure
I shall walk along a path that's only meant for me to find
This developed mental curse is killin' my material