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Swollen Members

Cold Sweat

A whisper of death stirred the house
And it screamed 'Murder, Murder!'

[Verse 1 - Madchild:]
I'mma murder anybody in the whole room
I'mma murder anybody, I control doom
You should see inside my mind, that's where trolls loom
I've been a crazy little bastard since home room
Angelic elegance and devious behaviour
Feel a bit unwanted, parents leave you with your neighbors
I'm spitting tiger style, mixing up my martial arts
Every line is partially dark, known for saying harsh remarks
The kids just can't control the wordplay like we can
The weekends, used to roll deep like Puerto Ricans
But now I'm fuckin' older, rhymes are bolder and I roll dolo
Half crazy, walk the streets at night like old hobos
Dressed in black like I am Johnny Cash or lost lobos
Lost robo, middle of the black lagoon
Ready to attacks while I am crackin' on you whack baffoons
Wake up in a cold sweat, middle of the afternoon
Thoughts are suicide and homicide but I'll be laughing soon
Cackling like a jackal with these accolades attacking you
Killer on the run, not a killer with a gun
But I'm dangerous as fuck, when I'm angry better run
This is not a pseudonym, this is not an alias
I'm actually unstable with the cable round my radius
More than just a minor threat
Only feeling order when I'm caught up in a spider web

[Hook - Madchild:]
Ghosts and goblins, deeper than the ocean bottom
Close to god but life is full of mostly problems

[Verse - Prevail:]
If we standing in proximity, it means you're overshadowed
Snake eyes and storm shadow, smooth blade sword handle
Next comes the laser plus the taser, bust the razor out
Feels like I'm call of duty, always in a horror movie
Blood is ruby red in color, I love making music brother
Count how many skulls we've have adorned the front of album cover
Dracula's the king still, we're black crows, you're duckbills
Wolf man reveal that the full moon, war wounds
Harpoons and missiles, it's a throwback till it goes black
Where is this? Floating out in space, relayed the distance
Light cycles, trons uprising, witness resistance
Life cycles deres, I'm no programs, no questions
I'm destined for more lessons
Congestion on the viaduct
Too much rap traffic, rolling over them in Chevy truck
350 engine type, the boat header rumbles nice
Float em face in moat water, they let go of life
Depart ya like an arrow from an archer, split the target frame
Survival of the fittest, walking dead, we do more than maim
Arrival in this game was long ago, we've still got more to claim
Arrival in this game was long ago, we've still got more to claim