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Vacant People Sleep Hallow

Lights and camera seduction
News of campaigns and fake love
Street crime blending thought crime
And cathartic meticulous lines
Who's convicted? Who's acquitted?
Sent descended through the How, Where and When holograms
Blessed confusion, Cursed collision
Stumbling blindly through the valley of damaged minds, products, secrets of this 'civilized society'

We are here to climb our stairs
And we wish we'd been lightning-lucky

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We've now become pieces on the ground lost in sight and sound
Hand held freedom lead us through the night's fire of design
We all will rise and fall again
Have you come to lead us out of this? If so, how?
So-oh-oh-oh how-how-how-how-how-how. Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya; ha. Blah.

Who conspires? Who is crazy? Who judged and condemned? Who is born rich? Who is dead poor?
Who is brainwashed? Hedonistic,,,,, Altruistic, as Ayn decries!
Who is hungry or bloated with verbal icing covering the power-mad secrets…