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The Pharaoh Foundation

yours are false designs
Betray your gods but not mine
A matrix twist in your waiting lair
We welcome you; are you scared?

As it is I will come in
beyond three sides;
one fountainhead
Not inside to be controlled…
Breaking laws of sacred shape and form…
But I stand, pose, swallow pride and
SMILE As I lift the veil kneel in prayer
Power tears false illusions of gold
Count your fill cross your will
and dig your holes
Dead inside it's the mystery of the FALL

Missionary did you find the glory in a story told by
Lowly mortal building land-stars
Rising, scraping, human racing
to the heights of god-like splendor
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I'm standing here in acid rain
Poured on my fear burned and drained
The paradox of two in one;
this half is filled left alone

Dream; dream again
of a place that will end all of the pain
I need one to crawl in from the rain
But I stand, pose, swallow pride
and SMILE as it turns to hail
I'll declare power tears
in two, in three, illusion's goal
I'm aware they're there to fill my holes
They're the ones I dug to be alone

The building blocks of great pyramids
were not aligned by earthling grids.