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Night Mirror

Unconscious waking I tread
Through dead-end hallways and mirrored stares
Slice of life razor thin
Tormented by the undead

Why dare to challenge my rise?
Assaulting dominant masterminds
In dreams I meet the divine
Subconscious waking denied

Walk Straight, on course(heads up)
Camouflaged in uniform (mind shut)
Soldier in, soldier out
Bandaged with a sense of doubt(hands up)
Stand on guard in five dimensions
Fall asleep to comprehend them(delirious)
Shotgun shaman ra-ta-tatting
Heads Up – Mind Shut – Hands Up – Shut Up!
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Wake Up: spells are cast in this underworld
Held Up: by the gun in my head
Crack Up: I am tortured by screaming silent cries
I will end up mourning light's suicide

A stitch in time is wrinkled in this nightmarish lair
I sleepwalk with precision in my long underwear
From catheters to hindsight close those eyes that conspire
Recover the shed remnants of my long lost dead desires

I wake to challenge my rise
Assaulting dominant masterminds
In dreams I walk the divide
Subconscious waking denied