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1000 Mirrors

A scream a shout far in the distance
Maybe the first or second floor
Curtains colouring the windows
Never see behind closed doors
A silent siege behind politeness
Domestic harmony for show
Lost in the mirage of a marriage
Outside a world she'll never know

And as I see through the real you
I'm falling straight into
A Thousand broken Mirrors I can't hide
And outside the bright lights
Can't hide the pain inside
And I've broken a thousand mirrors
Now it's time
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Now it's time
Now it's time

Loving her children with a passion
Protecting them at any cost
Taking the only course of action
There's no more bridges left to cross

Who are the ones that are the guilty?
Who are the ones that bear the scar?
We must not leave our sisters bleeding
We sing this song for Tsoora Shah!

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