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Luke Christopher

Pretend We're in Love

Hey, see I know this ain't something that you do
But seeing as it is just me and you
Why can't we spend this one night together?

And hey
See we both have this whole damn world to see
So baby if this night is all we'll be
We should pretend we're in love

Now look, I ain't really trying to pressure you
I just feel like if I'm only here tonight then it's best if I'm lying next to you
I know it's hard to understand the situation
Cause you're used to people telling you that you gotta be patient
And you do
I ain't tellin' you to throw yourself around
But there's a chance that I may never come back to this town and so
Is it possible to put your heart into sex and wake up in the morning
Quickly put it back in your chest?
Is it? Cause if it is then tonight, I love you, and
Tonight I couldn't think of anyone above you
Tonight could be forever
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Your heart see, I could borrow
Then up until the morning
We ain't talking bout tomorrow
I know you think I am but I ain't used to this
I never walk around the clubs choosing who to kiss
Tonight is cause you different from them others
See we can get a ring and be married under the covers

If you need anything tonight you know I'm here for you
And when you talk, I'm listening
I'm not just hearin' you
My goal tonight has nothing to do with gettin' into your pants
I'm lookin' for a lover, a beautiful romance
And so
You know whatever goes down
Tonight you are my only and trust me
The heart pounds
Tell me why I'm getting nervous on surface when you're around
And I ain't drinkin' but I feel like I'm lifted up off the ground

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