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Luke Christopher

100 Fans

Cause if I only had a hundred fans
I'd take them all to dinner
Talk about the people that we used to be
If I had a hundred fans
Fly them all to Paris
Ain't nobody paying, I'd be buying the drinks
And we would party
And we would dance
And we would throw up all them hands
Until they turned to clouds
Yeah, I got you now
If I only had a hundred fans

Life's too short to be an asshole
I think I learned that on my last flow
I think I learned that with the last ho
Forgot her name... that's the past though
And the teacher never had a lesson that I cared for
The preacher never had a god I was scared of
The people never had a place where they could share love
Look at the way I do it, I do it because I care, huh?
So what you in the mood for, people?
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Least I could do is get food for the people
Love you so much, your [?} is illegal
Got common sense, I do it for all the people
We could hit the beach in sunny California
Keeping the flow hot so ya'll ain't cathing pneumonia
See I want it cause I love you
And if I had a hundred fans I would do a track with each one of you

It's not the kind of shit you hearing every day
The radio-play got a nigga working like a slave
And rarely is the [?]out the way
You changing the game that you never learned how to play
Say, you only seventeen but you got a son
Yo, you got to learn to run beneath the applebaum
The world is yours, it's almost done
Right when you started backtracking and asking 'em
Where the hell has the passion gone?
The microphone, America's next top in the Aston Mar-
Tin be the gin of the sea
I pretend to be you, you pretend to be me

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