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Luke Christopher

Never Been

Hey baby I know you're fly
But the world ain't really ready for ya
Just be patient and one day you'll make it
But if not
Yo baby, I'm a superstar
I could show you a world where you never ever been
Never ever been, never ever been

If you had just a sip of Hennessy would you remember me?
Cause I know how hard you try to forget how we ended things, but
Look baby I know you're fly and I'd
Like to tell you that you're always on my mind
You my snapback shawty make that ass clap
If it ain't working for me, bring that ass back
Cause rap niggas need love too, respect it
Say you love us more than we love you, but check it
That's wronger than when mama say you ugly
And mama say you ugly cause she scared you be lovelier than her
Voice that's lovelier than the birds
Have a cool nigga stopping in the middle of his wor-

Damn you got me girl, I'm just a man
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Got me with your friend, pullin' up my pants and shit
But just cause we were doing the dance and shit
Doesn't mean that we had anymore plans and shit
God damn you got me girl, I'm in the mist of
Livin' in the past like a nigga with kids does
You bad, you fine, you classy
If not me you gon' make the wrong nigga happy

Have you ever read the book of love?
Well I haven't that's why I'm fuckin' up
My papa told me I should suck it up
Any time I'm in a doozy with a woman I don't trust
But you was different, but you was different
You're like that woman from my vision, video vixon
You're like a Cleopatra with a accent and an ass
With a passion for fasion and fads
I must admit I fell hard for ya, honey bunny
Hit the only nerve, life is funny
I went bananas on my manners towards the end
But you lying if you say I never had them to begin

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