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Luke Christopher

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Luke Christopher

Best Day Ever

Sitting in my old car, old car
You know the one we used to ride in, ride in
Where were we going baby?
Nowhere, nowhere, like you said

Could have been the best day ever I swear
Could have been the best day ever I swear
You had anything that you wanted
Anything that you need
Could have been the best day ever

I can't believe you really asking for some space
And I ain't seen nobody happier when I engaged
Baby we were supposed to get married
How you gonna leave me like this?
If a crib and a car ain't enough
What about the love that I can give?
But you never thought like that
You don't think like that
You just walked up out the door
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And you never coming back
I be laying in the bed
I be looking at your pictures
I remember what you said, what you said, what you said

Ever had a moment when you staring
At the pictures on your dresser
And then you start to remember
Certain times that were better
You don't wanna forget her
You don't wanna regret her
Couldn't ever imagine a day
When you'd be forced to let her
Survive without you and
Live a life without you and
Find a guy that's like you
But never lies like you do and
Since you left I haven't been able to sing loud
Gotta find another finger for this ring now