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Honour Combat

(It's about that time. Time to get hype, time to get rowdy, get up out your seats. Ladies and gentlemen, the show's about to begin. Swollen Members, honour combat. C'mon.)
Honour. Combat. Respect your opponent
When the bell sounds, you better capture the moment. (Yeah)
Honour. (Yeah) Combat. (Yeah) Honour. Combat
When I start swinging and bringing and you don't want that
I'm trying for K.O. Stands up. Ground game. Chokehold
Muay Thai, wrestling, juijitsu, judo
Elbows, knees. You can't breathe, submission
We leave no room for the judge's decision
Honour. Combat. Scrapping. Grappling
Hit you so hard you will not know what happened
Honour. Combat. Smashing. Crack him
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You can hear the bones crack when I attack 'em
Play hard, my mission is 'train hard'. Condition
Is Braveheart, my vision is slave competition
Because honour, combat, stamina, endurance
If you came to fight, better have life insurance
Show no mercy in the ring of bloodthirsty
When I swing, form's perfect
Welcome to the blood circus
Call me the Death Machine, 'cuz I'm a monster
I'm here for one thing, that's to knock you unconscious

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