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Northern Lights

You're advised to stand back, I attack at the crack of dawn
Beware the lash of the savage, a fact you act upon
As the weak seek shelter, this is something sacred
Poetry of wolves, dreaded on treaded acreage
Cuz of I, who enjoys poisoning boys and girls minds
Just for the fun of it, runnin' with pain and punishment
Mad Child's astonishing, Battleaxe reconnaissence
I give you my word we won't sleep, I keep my promises
I'm a suspicious looking character, don't trust 'em
Cops wanna bust 'em, gettin' harassed by customs
Yo, cuz I'm diamond studded and budded
Yeah we partially responsible for L.A. gettin' flooded
With the vinyl, finally we made it stick
Set a strong foundation, plus we laid it thick
Now pick a flock of your finest assassins
As we take you on the ride of your life, unsafely fastened
I can't seem to slow this thing down, it's too fast
See we dealin' with the future through the magic of the past
Super charged turbo ultra culture preservation
Unlock the vault, mind altering concentration

Wherever we cool out we ignite
Rhymes like we, come blastin' on site
We shine but we're much more than bright
Gettin' the world high off these northern lights
Gettin' the world high, then I shed some light
Gettin' the world high off these northern lights
Gettin' the world high, then I shed some light
Gettin' the world high off these northern lights

I'm approaching a time where bombin' is obsolete
Don't wait til there's a bullet in to post a police bulletin
I host a ricochet where it's discreet as chamber spray
That dance around, romance the siren sound

Not from a violent town, once lost but now found
Drinking clear creek water near the mountains that surround
Glacial scapes, streams of evergreens
The great northwest, beauty most have never seen

Centered on high are majestic ravines
Connected together, select and sevre
Unfortunate soldiers with bolder vendettas
Pullover? don't take in this weather
In a media beaten by my accord
The unfallen melancholy house that ushers out your vocal chord


Impersonate an' I'll renovate Eh yo, rap like me could attack for free Disassemble when you hear the rebel Watch it all or you could watch it fall
Unify in the unit's eye, because once you're potent it becomes important Characterism is parallelism I've regurgitated like a murder rate
Burn with the phoenix up to the zenith Ostracized, not fossilized Persecution is the worst solution And this attempt is a main event
A cornucopia of verbal phobia State your name before you make your claim Lock my bases in homeostasis Mix my plasma with the global magma Test in pieces to RIP Your spinal column is losing volume Shift your focus, follow the neurosis Fly with the navigator, die with the avitor I create to devastate Observe and serve So you don't want it when I drop the gauntlet


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