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New Model Army


New Model Army

No Man's Land

作詞:De Moor Willy Noel, Van Wetter Georges Joseph

You say that you'd rather be really poor
Than scratching, saving, scrimping all the pennies
Looking in the windows at what you can't afford
Always hungry, never starving
In no man's land the days are long

You say that you'd rather be really ill
Than just having headaches, never have no energy
All the little allergies and all the little pains
Never getting better, never getting worse
In no man's land the days are long
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You say that you'd rather have no love at all
Than pathetic little words, half-hearted kisses
Never feeling anything, anything at all
Never no fire, never no passion
In no man's land the days are long

Do you believe you can come out
Fighting from your shell-hole?
Or do you run for cover
Every time you hear a shot fired in anger?


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