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New Model Army


New Model Army

Love Songs (BBC In Concert 5th Nov 1990)

under darkening thundering towering skies
we live through these painfull days
walking like strangers in streets of damnation
under the enemies gaze
well we all create monsters
come back for their masters
at prices the devil reclaims
well it's funny
I never thought
I'd be the one who would change
now above and beyond the roofs of our cities
the sunset strips silent and gold
and we're passing the time
not thinking about you
lost in our own little world
well the other night
we put the radio on
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when we ran out of things we could say
but it always plays lovesongs
when you're far away
forget all the trouble
forget all the lies
forget all the things that I've done
and please believe, like I still believe
that the best is yet to come
the truth is yet to come
so damn all the world
and damn their demands
and all the things that they say
'cos they always play lovesongs
when you're far away


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