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New Model Army


New Model Army

Here Comes the War

作詞:Heaton Robert Charles, Peter Leslie Nice, Sullivan Justin Edward

Today, as you listen to this song
Another 394,000 children were born into this world
They break like waves of hunger
And desire upon these eroded shores

Carrying the curses of history and a history yet unwritten
The oil burns in thick black columns
The buzz saws echo through the forest floor
They shout give us our fair share, give us justice, here comes the war

On a gray morning to the south of here
Two young men in makeshift uniforms peer into the misty light
And figures dart behind the trees
As a snap of rifle rounds echoes out across the fields

They hardly know their sacred mother tongue
But they know their duty to defend the flag hanging limp
And bloody above the village church while a thousand miles away
In a warehouse complex down by the river

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Young money men play paint ball games
Here comes the war
Put out the lights on the age of reason

So blow out the candle and tell us another of those great stories
The ones about serial killers
Let dreams flow into savage times
Do you hear the sirens scream across the city?

We've had three hot nights in succession
The riot season is here again
Dear Lord, lead us back into the Valley of the Shadow of Death
Here comes the war did you think we were born in peaceful times?

Faster, faster, like a whirling dervish spinning round
Faster, faster, until the center cannot hold
You screamed give us liberty or give us death
Now you've got both, what do you want next?
Here comes the war, put out the lights on the age of reason