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The Alchemist


The Alchemist

Reppin' ALC

{Check the resume, the record is long}

We give 'em what they want, cause that's what they want
Who's stoppin us, we cut 'em in half cause they front
And niggaz get a lump if that's what they want
For thinkin I'm a chump cause that's what they want
But I just want shorty to back that thang up
I'm reppin A-L-C and I back that gang up
Money is the power I step that change up
I took a little break now I'm back the game's up

{You better check your files...}
{A-A-A-Al-Al-Al-Al-Alchemist} {'It's like a scientist' - 2X}


(Verse One)
I don't holla I scream, 'bout to get mine in due time
Don't shine I gleam and I don't smoke I steam
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I don't walk down the block I creep
I don't go in, I go deep - and I don't jump I leap
I don't smoke piff I only smoke diesel and kush
I don't hang around nice guys, only creeps and crooks
Look, it's me, live in the flesh, so pump yo' brakelights
And I'ma give you a second to get your face right
While you lookin like you smellin shit, that's the blitz
I don't sell wolf tickets, I sell hits
I used to take small sips, now I down fifths
Feelin like a pit boss how I count chips
I got a hefty stack, don't try to test me Jack
I go to war no matter how much it'll set me back
Beats is expensive and money is power
If you're not one of ours you'll just run with them cowards


{You better check your files...}
{'It's like a scientist'} {mixed with the A-L-C}


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