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The Alchemist


The Alchemist

Soul Return

作詞:Adam Agius, John Lindsay Bray, Rodney Holder, Roy Torkington

We do not die, we only change
All must die before their rebirth
As fruit must rot to release its seed
Soul transmigration from divinity
To the mutable world of birth and disease

Old age, and death, the breeze
Created by a souls departure
Arising from this dead and lifeless shell
We emanate from the deceased

We do not die only change, only change
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You know we do not die, only change
You know we only change

Death is the dying of the light
Now the imperishable soul begins its journey to the divine
Implicit and vague become explicit and clear
Infinitely long passage from another world to our own

The winds of a departing soul
The time of now is slipping away
We do not die only change, only change


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