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The Alchemist


The Alchemist


作詞:Adam Agius, John Bray, Rodney Holder, Roy Torkington

Looking in the corner of a magic round room
Trying to find the bottom of the top
From the imbetweenal plane

Ultraviolet craniums glowing with seductive scent
The circus now surrounds me, attractive but obscene
I do not understand me, can you repeat me please?

A strange and distant melody, provoking an absurdity
Opaque, my existence from the end to the start
Numbing creation but creatively inspired
I do not understand me, can you repeat me please?

Particles of Edis Saloc
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Taste the thought-provoking breeze
An interpretation of creation
Feel the uncontrolled in oscillation
But a vision of alienation

Enter into a labyrinth, a new direction to uphold
New inputs accepted, then as earing the world still turns
And Mother Nature will never grow old

Purple, angles found in symmetrical visions
Impossibilities come to life
Edis Saloc stripped from nature
Severely severed, placed in a pyramid


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