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The Alchemist


The Alchemist


Alchemist & Dr. Romanelli

feat. Action Bronson

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
I sell coke, walk with a cane
Flex the green Porsche in the rain
Catch me at the mall with your dame
But nah, I ain't buyin' shit - she's trickin'
Five pairs of all-white Airs and some Scottie Pippens
Bitches be basic and they ain't shit
At least I'm famous and I ain't shit
Well, my mother loves me, I'm her baby
We still drive each other crazy
Now my man needs a liver, bought it off of Ebay
He started snortin' Pepsi, now he got a fiend's face
I pre-game before the pre-game
I let my chicken go, give her free range
This is Jericho, no Jheri curl
Put the pedal to the medal, make the Chevy twirl
Peace to my man Sean, all-state
I'll put a 100K on... versus Boise State
You know I does it
It's me...


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