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YSL Cheetah

YSL cheetah these are not Adidas
Splash in the sauce, I make hits like Derek Jeter
Tiger stripe Versace, all the girls exotic
Ice playing hockey, I can't see you, but you watching

Tiger stripe Versace got me acting Liberace
Shoe games safari these Christians not huaraches
European jackets, I got scarfs on attire
Fresh Prince of Bel Air, nigga I'm a sire
Gucci's on my face and I'm looking right by ya
YSL high tops, man on fire
Denzel Washington, kid way flyer
Check on your head, young nigga we'll buy you
Audemar from Gangrich, swirl in the water
Adding 30 pounders, it'll cost an extra quarter
25 racks to the future, that's some bill money
Million dollar signature, yeah I'm getting real money

Button-up sweaters, custom made treasures
White canary yellow, purple or the yellow (drink)
Codeine habits, a hundred for the karats
Tuck it in the Gucci shirt cause I don't like to wear it
Boss of the century, iPad memory
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Thousand dollar shoe game, boosting up my energy
Versaces on the sofa, made the bitch a super soaker
Burberry blazer with the red bottom loafers
Every single color, I'm a free band hustler
YSL cheetah, put my feet inside the jungle
Money over bitches, swear to God I never love them
Rock star life they call me future Hugh Hefner

I told her ride it like a 'rarri, pop it like a molly
YSL belt and my jeans is Cavali
Red bottoms on like my feet just caught a body
Red bottoms on like my feet just caught a body
I'm the hottest and the coldest, the flyest and you know this
Balenciaga sneakers, stepping on you cockroaches
My chain cost a kilo, that don't include the piece though
That cost another kilo, my watch another kilo
All the girls they love me, I was taught to get money
Look down in my rollie, it's always time to get money
They get fly, I am fly, they bird fly, I'm jet fly
Wild animals, I wear those, they friendly, come pet mine


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