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Chosen One

Bought a Phantom cause I always wanted one
Made a film with them bitches, ain't no one-on-one
Got this watch, and this watch like a one of one(thats pique)
All my niggas millionaires it ain't just one
Have a few chains on, I don't have but one
Bought a few houses and I never sleep at one
And I can have ten cars and I wouldn't drive one
And when you make it from the bottom you the chosen one

Freeband millionaire
The foundation turning into something
Yeah ive good at it, Love

Turn up!
Rich nigga since birth, Louis V chinchilla
Bought a brand new Rover, drive it like a 4 wheeler
Solid gold: AP, flooded out with them crystals
Shinning just like molly, I woke up in a new bugatti
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Free lil Kirk Wood, Young Gotti, free my nigga White Boy too
I whipped up a two and a baby and I spent that on Jimmy Choo
You got goons around you nigga, I keep shooters around me fool
Im a young rich nigga from the bottom I came up and I can't lose

How dare you make that accusation I'm an A1 nigga
Check my verification, do whatever to protect my reputation
Make sure you tell em that, multi-faceted business owner hustler
Work pump it up inflation, run your numbers up
Extra point escalation, how you spell dedication
What you know about determination?
Salute the BET, appreciate your nomination
RI double A, appreciate my certification
Got a job for a hater -- where your application?
All that hating shit, really admiration


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