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Even I look at my diamonds sometimes and kiss em
That's why my x my x and I don't miss her
The way she acting right now I should of pimped her
Throwing shots of liquor on my liver my nigga
Even my niggas know I love em my niggas
And ain't no love for you hoes you hoes crazy
And we ain't neva gone fold we stay faded
Yeah we stay faded

Ain't no water running down my eyes
Ain't no love for the other side
The way these diamonds twinkle all in ya eyeball
I know it should of been a crime dawg by law
And most of these fake niggas they done fell off
I'm raising the stakes nigga and I'm well off
I'm counting that cake trimming my nail off
And when times was hard I move a bail off
And when I'm whipping them lanes I'm in that new spurr
All you niggas some lames softer than new fur
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Congratulations to niggas like me dawg
Get money get money and I don't see y'all
I don't see flaw

Wake up and I'm living your dreams nigga
I'm getting crazy money with them new orleans niggas
And only God can judge a nigga holding on the hammer
I could of fucked her from the start and put her on a camera
I kept it hutsle with you bitches kept it real hutsle
You fucking with a gutta nigga so you will suffer
Helicopter flying over ya head
We chop it up live a life that you never
I drive the cars that you never could drive
We fucked the baddest bitches money could buy
Ain't no love lost and ain't no love gained
This young real nigga real pain
What's hatnin


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