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The Truth

Future Hendricks
My experience
Feel my music, hear my music
It's a cold-cold-cold world baby
Put on your coat
Preferably, check sure 'bout it

I didn't wanna lie to ya (aye)
But it sound more fly to ya (yeah)
I didn't wanna lie to ya (whoa whoa whoa)
I swear it sound way fly to ya (aye)
Cause the truth gone hurt you
The truth gone hurt you
I swear the truth gonna hurt you
Truth gon' hurt you (yeah yeah yeah)

I live a California lifestyle
All these girls around me, gone wild
And I'm so caught up in my own style
I can't see you niggas in the crowd
I'm so far, ain't gonna never come down
You can ask around, I run the town
Everyday for me, a fashion show
I'm Future Hendricks and I run Pluto (space)
I'm a rock star forever, I need to get my act together
When changin' up the weather, it's so hard to be settle (yeah yeah)
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Since we first got together
Things changed for the better
I got die-hard fans and they treat me very special
Heard about forty bitches in the lobby
Ask me about it, I don't know about it

I'm boarding a first class flight
I ain't pack a bag over night
Cause I'm a shop when I land
Yea, I'm a shop when I land
When you playin' with them band
Five suite hotel, that's all where we staying
I'm frustrated
And I been up lately
Goin' over my plan
Feel like I'm sinking in sand
Two thangs you wouldn't understand
I live the high life
Sex surf and money
Everything we do, we do it always to the morning
I got a trio, tryna suck me up like Tito
Ain't fallin' in lust
You need to trust when I tell you


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