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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手John Wesley( 約翰韋斯利 )
John Wesley( 約翰韋斯利 )【 共收藏 14 張專輯, 120 首歌 】
出生: 1962 年 6 月
專輯: a way you'll never be, Under the Red and White Sky, 更多
相關音樂家/團體: 菲什, 邁克·特蘭普, 安德魯·伊爾文
類型: 舞曲/電子, 鄉村
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
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Disconnect 英文
1.Disconnect (提供)
2.Any Old Saint (提供)
3.Once A Warrior (提供)
5.Gets You Everytime (提供)
6.Mary Will
7.Take What You Need (提供)
8.How Goes The War (提供)
9.Satellite (提供)
10.New Life Old Sweat
Waiting for the Sun to Shine in Paris (Live) 英文
1.To Reach Out (Live)
2.She Said No (Live)
3.The Last Light (Live)
4.Cuttin' the Tree (Live)
Under the Red and White Sky 英文
1.Into the Night
2.Cuttin' the Tree
3.What You Really Want
4.Our Hero
5.Rome Is Burning
6.To Reach Out
7.The Last Light
8.She Said No
9.Waiting for the Sun
10.Thirteen Days
11.None So Beautiful
The Lilypad Suite 英文
2.Walls Of America
3.A Glittery Nothing
4.Still Waiting
The Emperor Falls 英文
1.Come and Gone
2.So Bad
3.The Desperation Angel
4.Are You Alive
5.Someone for a Day...
6.The Emperor Falls
7.The Gift of a Woman
8.Last Man by Your Side
9.One Step Behind
10.There Go I...
11.The Days That Won't Let Go
12.Ordinary Man
13.A Time to Dance
The Closing of the Pale Blue Eyes 英文
1.Right Here Inside Me
2.To Share a Dream
3.In Ohio
4.Say Goodbye to the Pale Blue Eyes
5.A Long Way Down
6.Death of a Friend
7.Right Here Beside Me
8.Alone - Together
The Chicago and Frisco Bootlegs (Live) 英文
1.Last Man by Your Side (Live at Martyr's, Chicago - November 17, 2002)
2.Velvet Dreams (Live at Fillmore, San Francisco - November 25, 2002)
3.Fly Boy (Live at Fillmore, San Francisco - November 25, 2002)
4.Thirteen Days (Live at Fillmore, San Francisco - November 25, 2002)
5.Disappeared (Live at Fillmore, San Francisco - November 25, 2002)
6.Trip and Fall (Live at Fillmore, San Francisco - November 25, 2002)
7.Waiting for the Sun (Live at Martyr's, Chicago - November 17, 2002)
8.Showing Happy to the World (Live at Martyr's, Chicago - November 17, 2002)
9.Chasing Monsters (Live at Martyr's, Chicago - November 17, 2002)
Shiver 英文
1.Pretty Lives
3.Used Up
4.Always Be
7.Your Round
8.Please Come Back
9.Some Miracle
Oxford (Digital Only) 英文
1.Our Hero (Live Acoustic)
2.The Desperation Angel (Live Acoustic)
3.The King of 17 (Live Acoustic)
4.Waiting for the Sun (Live Acoustic)
5.Star (Live Acoustic)
6.Shiver (Live Acoustic)
7.Showing Happy to the World (Live Acoustic)
8.Please Come Back (Live Acoustic)
9.Rome Is Burning (Live Acoustic)
Live at Katie Fitzgerald's (Live) 英文
1.Pretty Lives (Solo Acoustic Live)
2.Please Come Back (Solo Acoustic Live)
3.Thirteen Days (Solo Acoustic Live)
4.Rome Is Burning (Solo Acoustic Live)
5.Fly Boy (Solo Acoustic Live)
6.The King Of 17 (Solo Acoustic Live)
7.Always Be (Solo Acoustic Live)
8.So Bad (Solo Acoustic Live)
9.Used Up (Solo Acoustic Live)
10.Shiver (Solo Acoustic Live)
11.Waiting for the Sun (Solo Acoustic Live)
12.The Desperation Angel (Solo Acoustic Live)
13.Our Hero (Solo Acoustic Live)
14.She Said No (Solo Acoustic Live)
Live At the L'Olympia 英文
1.Star (Live)
2.Into the Night (Live)
3.The King of 17 (Live)
4.Our Hero (Live)
5.Please Come Back (Live)
Chasing Monsters 英文
1.Chasing Monsters
3.Trip and Fall
4.All or Nothing
5.A Well-Placed Hole
6.In Sight of the Rainbow
8.Velvet Dreams
9.Who We Love
10.Fly Boy
11.Showing Happy to the World
Bachelor Party Tour (Live) 英文
1.Are You Alive (Live)
2.The Emperor Falls (Live)
3.Waiting for the Sun (Live)
4.Last Man by Your Side (Live)
5.Rome Is Burning (Live)
6.Showing Happy to the World (Live)
7.Thirteen Days (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Lover Why (Single Mix)
2.Lover Why outrun the light

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