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John Wesley


John Wesley

Right Here Inside Me

I wish I could feel just a little of nothing
instead of losing my mind
Like some bad dream relentlessly coming
It won't let me sleep at night

I can't believe what you've taken from me
or more like you've taken from us
any held hope of us being together
any last remnant of trust

You can take away so many things
the money, the tv, or the car
but you can not take away my memories
these I will always carry with me
you cannot take away these memories

I remember laughin till four in the morning
then of lovin till dawn
the way the sun lit your crystal blie eyes
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in mine you could never do wrong
watching you sleep and hearing you breathe
just laying there holding you tight
drinking with Billy while your sister was sleeping
making love after a fight

These are the moments I'm gonna be keeping
these are the treasures important to me
you can have the car and the tv
these things mean nothing to me

No matter how far you can run
no matter how far you go
I'll always carry you right here inside me
right here inside me
right here inside me