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John Wesley


John Wesley

The Emperor Falls (Live)

Brick by brick
stone by stone
dismantle the will of a man
strip his flesh and bone

Reach out your hand
the moment comes
blade catches the light of your eyes
the man slowly comes undone

Nobody noticed
no one saw a thing
all turned a blind eye to the fallen
and the bad luck he brings

You wake in the morning after
the sky's a color that you can't see
friends have fallen by the wayside
why isn't anyone talking to me
get those funny looks in the market
people you loved just stare
wander on with your hands in your pockets
even your girlfriend don't care
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They've all come to watch the emperor
They've all come to watch the emperor
They've all come to watch the emperor

To watch the emperor fall

One part truth
three parts deceit
two parts shit that you made up
add passion for heat

Did ya hear he said this
can you believe he done that
can you believe the nerve of the man
let me at him tell me where he's at
wake to your fave in the mirror
see someone you don't recognize
stare at the changes in the reflection
you've become someone that you despise