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John Wesley


John Wesley

Fly Boy

Mama their eyes burn
Holes right through me when I walk by them
How do I offend?

They make me wanna hide
Sometimes I turn my head away and try
Yet I cannot disappear

She said they don't know you
They don't shine the way that you do
This world ain't good enough for the likes of you
You got to get away

You got to fly boy, find your powers and a cape
You got to make your escape, and get away

These years have not been kind
Each new day brings a struggle of a different kind
But hell I don't mind
A busy man looks through me
His money'd eyes blind to what he will not see
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He don't know the secrets I keep
Well I am happier than he,

'Cause I'm gonna fly boy, gonna find powers and a cape
I'm gonna make my escape, gonna get outta here

I know about it, I know about it. The world has lost all its dreams
I know about it. The world won't let us breathe. Won't set us free

Each day we run this race
Consumed by self we miss the brave face
Or we look away

But not me. I'm gonna rise above this caste you made for me
Gonna be everything you dream but will never be. I'm gonna fly...

'Cause I am Flyboy, got my powers and a cape
Gonna make my escape, gonna get outta here