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The Hybrid Horde

An army raised, built for the world of war
Bearing fire axes and steeds of gold
Serpent's skin and reptile limbs
Recite the doctrines of aryan youth

Displays of gross power
See the masses cower
No barriers can hold
The hybrid horde

New disciples, the violence minority
Spreading fear and hate through their notoriety
Welcome the horror, the invasion of nations
Totalitarian supressors our new successors
Bow down to new majesty

Cultural divides will die in time
When the hybrid horde can take no more
Bringing forth eternal war
Drums from the deep
Lightning strikes crashing walls
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Battalions of steel bred for the kill
Sending the world into eternal hell
Protected the council of scaled skin
Cleansing sin.

Perfect form for the dybbuk soul
Hysteria born again to claim
The changing times for all mankind
Rising from the lizard's sons

A hybrid dawn born in the age of thorns
Survive these final days on the path you lay
A modern age plague that humanity made
Armies of the storm bring the coming swarm

Bow down to new
Silver serpent forked tongue majesty