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Wilted Rose

Skin porcelain white
Kissed from the afterlife
Piercing blue glare
Lifeless they stare
Ethereal beauty not meant for this world
Ravenous smile
Dripping and vile
System anomaly
Subject has failed
Claw like hands slash at your throat
Beast cries against the sky
First words are heard
Don't let me die

Awaken the goddess so pure
Her physical form the allure
Inside she has seen that which has no reprieve
Scars that burn deep in the night

Once the maiden, the arc
The divinity of god was lost in the null
Abomination reborn enraged
Reborn to wreak terror
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Destruction her final endeavour
This carnation will be a swan song
Redemption through evil
Douse the flames of the sun
Child of rage

Wilted rose
Your beauty before is nothing but thorns
Wilted rose
You've lived through the storm
But now your petals are gone

Chaos is where you reside
Brought back, sentenced to life
No vital signs left of your soul
Existence, no reason at all

Temptress, a cloaked english rose
Snow beauty lost in death's throes
A golden tongue whispers in pain
This rose will bloom once again