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The Null

Mephistopheles, he knows your name
The sins you've sold and you proclaim
Corrupted soul, you're lost in the maze of the
He senses self-destruction, potential for seduction
Corrupted soul, you're lost in the maze of the null

Flat-lined, dead in surgery
Separation from this bodily sanctity
No way left you can atone
Eternal stain left on your soul
The sentence for your tyranny
The lives you've lived in infamy
The sights of terror to behold,
Across these planes you crawl on flames

The null keeps burning
Set fire to the soul
A place so morbid
You lose control
No escape
Burn in the flames of the null

Tormented, imprisoned, down in this world
The titans and prisoners that lucifer holds
All you imagined of this torturous abyss
Can't compare to what the null inflicts
Agony, mental, physical abuse
Restrained for a life time by the noose
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You've reached your cycle's final turn
Phoenix flames no longer burn

All sins in life deserve punishment
Promise the threat of eternal torment
Destination of a damned soul's descent
Lies told to keep the sheep obedient

The world of null you call your home
All terrors gone untold
Stench of flesh rots in swamps
Enslaved in the maze as devils haunt

As fear
It reigns

No cards to play on your final day
Mephisto cries 'you're here to stay'

Do a deal with the devil, satan holds your soul
And escape the null for once and for all

She reigns