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The Last Life

Enslaved, infinite days
Countless years befelled
Chaos, the true form of hell
Glimpse of death, no rest
Afterlife nullified
Mother waits at the gates

A horror awaits past this world
Greater than anything the devil could sell

Last life
No coming again
No help for you
The null is the end

Culling the putrid gods to become the transcendent one
Who devours all who contest my will
To destroy what's left

Last life

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The oath to be fulfilled in this cycle's turn
Apocalyptic wrath
Last sight you see, a world in ash

War, pain, suffering
The great tribulation

Completed the cycle of earth's turn
Redeemed all your souls in the death of this world
The final tyrant, anti-god
Killer of the saviour's son

Shut the gates on this last life

Nothing left to see
Judgment laid eternally
Redeemed this soul
Back to the black of the null