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The Replacements


The Replacements

Ought To Get Love (Remastered Album Version)

Take me down to countryside, kick me on the butt
Take me to my mother and tape my mouth shut
Tell me child to rip it, beat me on the sink
Tell me that I maybe and tell me that I did

Tell me do ya wanna, if you wanna, then you oughta get love
Tell me do you really, if you wanna, then you oughta get love
I'm afraid of talking about it

Tear me up, you tear me out
You turn me loose and you go on about
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Baby, baby, baby, baby, you trying to do
Tell me when I'm sleepy, I'm turning blue

Ah, ooh
Hey, hey, Mom, got to get a way out
(?) a fireplug, I just can't stand
Tape me to a fence (?)
Turning blue, turning green (?)


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