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The Replacements


The Replacements

If Only You Were Lonely

作词:Paul Westerberg

Well, I walked out of work
And I was tired as hell
Another day's come
And gone and oh, well
Somewhere there's a drink
With my name on it

Well, I ordered a scotch
As I bust through them doors
Spilled half on my jeans
The other half on the floor
When I saw you standing
By that video game

Well, I ain't very good
But I get practice by myself
Forgot my one line
So I just said what I felt

If only you were lonely
If only you was lonely too
If only you was lonely
I'd go home with you

Twenty push ups this morning
That was half my goal
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Tonight I'll be doin' pull ups
On the toilet bowl
And somewhere
Somebody's throwin' up

Well, I broke the seal on my door
And I poured myself to bed
The whirlpool spinning
Around in my head
Around in my head
There was liquor on my breath
And you were on my mind

And I'll be dreamin' of that smile
Without a care in the world
If only you were lonely
If only you was lonely too
If only you was lonely

I walked out of the kitchen
I was tired as hell
Another day's here
And oh, well
Somewhere there's a smile
With my name on it


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