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The Replacements


The Replacements

Nowhere Is My Home

Out to sea in a ship full of holes*
Even though
With a heave and a ho
Never raise no sails
Rent a penthouse but sleep on a bench
Crescent wrench
Take a shovel and a wrench
To this jail

I didn't deserve it
To feel so disconcerted
I didn't deserve it at all

Sun beats down, neck turns red
In a toolshed, piss in the dirt
Cut it on my arm
Well it hurt and bled

Commit a crime, in the world of straw
Perfect flaw
It's like I fall apart

I didn't deserve it
To feel so disconcerted
That's my home, dear
Is where I'm from
Ain't too far from here
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Pitch a tent in a parking ramp
Postage stamp
On a milk carton a missing kid
Ends up in the trash again today

And I got no answers
Got no clue
What'll I do?

That's my home dear
That's where I'm from
Ain't too far from here

I ain't desertin'
Just feel so disconcerted
I ain't got no answers now
I got no home at all
No no no
Nowhere at all
No no no
Nowhere at all
No no no
Nowhere at all...


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