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The Replacements


The Replacements

Sixteen Blue (Outtake) [Alternate Vocal]

always on myind
baby i juss cnt seem to get u of ov mind
you with him but ik u thinking bout me all of the tym
baby uk i got ur love right here
so come bck to me baby yeahhh
i got a heart bigger yhen my pride n ik that u love me to we juss lost passion ova tym
and i aint trying do u wrong baby uk i got mad love
n this thing that we got aint nothing u walk outta
and i admit that i wz wrong
baby i want u bck bck in my arms were u belong
ive ben missin u since the day u were gone
n i pationtly waited for u but i guess that u moved on
even doe that ur not around bae juss know that ur always on my mind
girl im thinking bout u all tym anytym u need me baby come n see me
even doe that ur not around bae juss know that ur always on my mind girl im thinking bout u all the tym
anytym u need me baby come n see me
you say u think about me well baby were u ben
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always lept u lika habit u were my forgiven sin
it started witha breakup then we gotta play pretend
wanted now im taken so u wanna b my man
i admit i think about u but u come with so much heartache
it killed me even more that we chose to even part ways
my heart breaks i see u n i didnt wanna leave u n erytym o see u i start fellin like i need u
afraid that if i give us a try it wont work it gets harder to remember y we parted so i hurt
i wanna take this chance if u promise that well last foreva n always n ill b with u so fast
jump into ur arms and ill never let u go
cuz wat we got iz special so i couldnt let it go
and erytime we leave this iz wat it does do
all im tryin to say iz i really do love u
even doe that ur not around bae jus know that ur always on my mind girl im thinkin bout u anytym u need me baby come n see me
even doe ur not around bae juss that ur always on my mind girl im thinking bout u anytime u need me baby come n see me


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