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Sizzla( Miguel Orlando Collins )

Badman Fire Gunshot

Badness mi profession and mi gun a black white
Talk bout dem a badman, a could a who dem a fool
In a class everyday dem go school
Watch out real gangsters fool
Well level tic a the clock
Extra clip over glock
When wi attack bullet attack
How wi do fool head back

Hey nuh gimmi nuh chat unuh a sprat
Unuh quat
When mi a roll wid mi gun led deh under frock
Come a run up yo mouth
Some a gun up you mouth
Bullet fly, blood a run out
Gun a pawn the face
I got my gun always
Bullet in yo head and meck it come through yo ears
Tell dem wi bad like a wa plus real bwoy
Gangster deh fire guns hot and kill bwoy

Tell dem wi mad like a wa plus real bwoy
Gangster deh fire guns hot and kill bwoy
A nuh toy, dem still nuh seh nothing yet
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Mi tell you everything dead when the but
Ton press
You nuh hear bout dem
A copper supn get crock skull
Cut throat, brains fly, nothing less cause we're the best
Anytime wi step to unuh a dreadful supn
Guns dem go off and him whole head missing
Bwoy dem full a chat and now dem dead like kitten
All over da bullet yah him damn name written
From dem seh war wi ready any day
From yo dis gangster you a go dead anyway
AK seh a the whole a dem a spray
Better yo gwaan a church and go pray
From dem fight against the youths dem blessed and riches
Squelchy pon the turf a buby trap dem praises
Ambush still bwoy
Send dem a hospital meck gangsters full dem up a stitches
Yo bwal when da bullet yah run through yo head
Poison gunshot man pump through yo head
If you test Sizzla Colonji you know you a go dead
Fi mi gun mix up a copper and led

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