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Sizzla( Miguel Orlando Collins )

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Sizzla( Miguel Orlando Collins )

Dry Cry (Live)

Dry cry even tears
Even if my heart cry
But who cares
Who's fault
No one but myself
Things do happen words can't explain
The only human feeling mix with pain
People would spend time just for us to separate
And they do wanna see us reach nowhere oh girl
And you know I care

Why does it have to be this way
Can't tell you to go
Can't tell you to stay...
Just one of those days...
Just one of those days

Am I to humble or ignorant
Since we start to fight nothing seems important
Oh my girl have left me and gone
Doesn't want to see her in no other arm
The essence of her beauty and charm
The perfume linger oh damn
Remember girl where we are coming from
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I am the one to whom you belong oh yea
Girl you keep me strong...
You alone a love no other one

Keep looking to see her at my gate
Listening to hear the phone ring by the fireplace
Now somewhere out there is my girl
Now where can I find her in this world
Still not going to break down
Nor be sad even though
I am stress up, fed up and feeling mad
I just can't do it with out her oh jah...
Still I a man got to try

Is this happen for real
Only if know what the vibes what I feel
Still trying to do my best
And I still won't lose my interest
Ma dont I love you so...
Really hurt to see you go

Repeat 1 and 2 verses