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Miguel Orlando Collins (born 17 April 1976), known by his stage name Sizzla Kalonji or Sizzla, is a Jamaican reggae musician. He is one of the most commercially and critically successful contemporary reggae artists and is noted for his high number of releases. As of 2014 he has released over 70 solo albums.

Sizzla began to develop his own style whilst serving his musical apprenticeship with the Caveman Hi-Fi sound system. He has used his music as a vehicle for his message, kickstarting his recording career in 1995 with a release through the Zagalou label, he then teamed up with 'Bobby Digital' Dixon for a series of singles. Extensive touring with fellow Xterminator label mate roots and culture artist Luciano followed, earning Sizzla notoriaty .

Homer Harris, the same man who named and mentored Buju Banton got him his first break, introduced Sizzla to top Jamaican saxophonist Dean Fraser, the musical director for Philip 'Fattis' Burrell's Xterminator Family. 1995 marked an important turning point for Sizzla when he began working with Fattis. This union led to a run of successful singles and the release of Sizzla's debut album, Burning Up.

The two allied again a year later with the follow-up, Praise Ye Jah (JetStar). Praise Ye Jah was quickly trumped by his release of the Dixon-produced Black Woman & Child that same year. The title track was a smash hit and became something of a cultural reggae anthem. Sizzla scored several more hits during 1997, including 'Like Mountain,' 'Babylon Cowboy,' 'Kings of the Earth,' and the Luciano duet 'Build a Better World'. This hot streak kicked off an enormously productive recording binge that lasted over the next several years, with much of his output still done for Burrell.

Along with universal praise came Sizzla's first nomination for Best International Reggae Artist of the Year at the 1998 MOBO Awards and a place in various magazines' top 100 albums of the year. Sizzla has since released several dozen albums, including 1998's Kalonji and Royal Son of Ethiopia from 1999. 1999 also saw him receive his second MOBO nomination. Sizzla remains a constant presence in the reggae charts worldwide. Currently, Sizzla has 21 albums that have made it onto the Billboard's Top Reggae Albums music chart, the highest Words of Truth, reaching the peak position of No. 5.

Sizzla Kalonji has released over 45 solo albums and over fifteen combination albums, crossing different genres of Reggae. He has started his own record company, Kalonji Records; which in a joint venture with Damon Dash Music Group and Koch Records, released the album, The Overstanding, in November 2006. This was his third album released through Kalonji Records; as well as Black History and Life.

Sizzla, along with reggae recording artists such as Capleton, Norris Man, Buju Banton, and Anthony B, are credited with leading a movement toward a re-embracement of Rastafarian values in contemporary reggae music by recording material which is concerned primarily with spirituality and social consciousness, explores common themes, such as Babylon's corrupting influence, the disenfranchisement of ghetto youth, oppression of the black nation and Sizzla's abiding faith in Jah and resistance against perceived agents of oppression.

Sizzla's 2008 effort, Ghetto Youth-ology, is produced by the Firehouse Crew, the same who produced Sizzla's debut, Burning Up.

In 2013 he released the album The Messiah. In January 2014 it was nominated for a Grammy Award, his first nomination. In 2014 Sizzla was featured in the song and video for Stephen Marley's single 'Rock Stone.'

His sons Raheem and Melech have followed him into a career in music, working under the name Reemus K and Meleku.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
876 2016
1.Longing For (Provided)
2.Leave My Ganja Alone (Provided)
3.Street Life (Provided)
4.Beautiful Place (Provided)
5.Show Them the Way (Provided)
6.Breath of Life (Provided)
7.Love Me
8.Never Ending Love (Provided)
9.You Belong to Me (feat. Samira Taylor) (Provided)
10.Bad Mind (feat. Jah Cure) (Provided)
11.High Grade (Provided)
12.Babylon Kingdom Fall (Provided)
13.Watch Over You (Provided)
Born A King 2014
1.Born A King (Provided)
2.Champion Sound (Provided)
3.Blessed (Provided)
4.Interlude (Provided)
5.I'm Living
6.Set It Off (Provided)
7.Big Man Ting (Provided)
8.Got What It Takes (Provided)
9.Why Does The World Cry (Provided)
10.The Formula (Provided)
11.Cold War (Provided)
12.Champion Sound (Remix) (Provided)
13.Give Jah Praise
The Messiah 2013-07
1.Psalms 121 (Provided)
2.Look How Many Years (Provided)
3.Center Of Attraction (Provided)
4.No Wicked Man
5.The Messiah (Provided)
6.Chant Dem Down (Provided)
7.Dem Nuh Business (Provided)
8.Suffer So Much (Provided)
9.Good Love (Provided)
10.One Life (Provided)
11.Children Bless (Provided)
12.May Di Powerz (Provided)
13.Need You Right Now (Provided)
14.What A Joy (Provided)
15.Better Come Out (Provided)
In Gambia 2012-03
1.Welcome To Africa (Provided)
2.Blackman Rise (Provided)
3.Woman Of Creation (Provided)
4.Nothing Cah Wrong (Provided)
5.Feed The Children (Provided)
6.Too Much War (Provided)
7.Make A Visit (Provided)
8.Let It Grow (Feat. Jesse Jendah) (Provided)
9.Gambian Girls (Provided)
10.Planet In Peril (Provided)
11.Where Is The Love (Provided)
12.Branded African (Provided)
Overstanding 2006
1.Take Myself Away
2.Solid As A Rock
3.Give Me A Try
4.Smoke Marijuana
5.Beautiful Day
6.Thank You Mama
Jah Knows Best 2004
1.You're better Off
Royal Son Of Ethiopia 1999
1.Ripe Leaf
2.Mental Chains
3.In This Time
4.Burn Dem Turf
5.Babylon Homework
6.Eastern Mountain
7.As in the Beginning
8.What Does It Worth?
9.A Wah Dat?
10.Oh Children
11.Break Free
12.True Hearts
Freedom Cry 1998
1.She's Like The Roses
3.Jah Blessing
4.Rain Shower
5.Till It Some More
7.Love Amongst My Brethren
8.Dem Ah Try Ah Ting
9.Lovely Morning
10.Made Of
11.Long Journey (Provided)
12.Ancient Memories (Provided)
Words of Truth
1.Praise Ye Jah (Live)
2.One Away (Live)
3.Holding Firm (Live)
4.Words of Devine (Live)
5.Dem Ah Wonder (Live)
6.Guide Over Us (Live)
7.Babylon Ah Listen (Live)
8.Black Woman and Child (Live)
9.Give Dem Ah Ride (Live)
Reggae Max
1.Freedom Cry
Praise Ye Jah
Black Woman & Child
1.One Away
Miscellaneous 1
1.Black Woman & Child
2.Did You Ever
3.Anytime Now
4.Perfect One
5.Lovely Life
6.I Do Care
7.Holding Firm
9.Dry Cry
10.Dem Ah Wonder
11.Bless Me
12.My Time Your Time
13.Jah Knows Best
14.Diamond & Pearl
15.Rise Them Nature
16.Just One Of Those Days
17.Move Up
18.Be Strong
19.You're Better Off
20.No Other Like Jah
21.Princess Black
22.Trust & Love
23.Thank U Mamma
24.She's Loving
25.The Gal Dem
26.Keep In Touch (Remaster)
27.Got It Going On
28.Taking Over
30.Have You
31.Subterranean Homesick Blues
32.All Is Well
33.Bless Up
34.Trod Mt. Zion
35.Enemies Are Confounded
36.Don't Trouble Us
37.You World Leaders
38.Every Move That I Make
39.Good Ways
40.Bless The Youth
41.Can't Cool Can't Quench
42.Mash Dem Down
43.Why Should I?
44.Got It Right Here
45.Clean Up Your Heart
46.Somewhere Oh Oh
49.Mine And Only
50.I'm With The Girls
51.Like Mountain
52.Woman I Need You
53.Touch Me
54.Jah Is Love
55.Life (Remaster)
56.Love You More
57.Show Me
58.I Myself Know
59.Jah Love
60.You're Gonna Need My Love
61.Live It Up
62.All I Want
64.Love And Affection
65.Speak Of Jah
66.Do You Ever ?
67.Dem Ago Suffer
69.Oh What A Joy
70.Guide Over Us
71.Explain To The Almighty
72.How Dem Flex
73.Love Is Divine
74.Kings Of The Earth
75.Babylon Cowboy
76.Do Some Good
77.I Love You So
78.There's No Pain
79.Give Thanks
81.All You Need Is Love
82.Talk All You Want
83.It's Amazing
84.Escape From Prison
85.Strength And Hope
86.Jah Will Be There
88.Mortal Man (Feat Thriller U)
89.Only Takes Love
90.The Solution
92.Just One of Thoses Days
93.Greatest Mother
94.Cold War (Acoustic)
95.Badman Fire Gunshot
96.Perfect One (Remaster)
97.Pump Up (Remix) (Edit)
98.I Juvenile
99.They Can
1.That's Y
2.Be Free
3.Take Me
4.Cleanse My Soul
5.Jump for Joy
6.Beautiful World (Remaster)
7.I Wonder (Shashamane Dubplate)
8.Holdin Firm
9.We Got It Right Here
10.Bad Mind Ways
11.Mama Pain
12.Reach For the Stars
14.Somehow (remix)
15.Mockries & Phrase
16.One Flesh & Blood
17.Hot Sexy and Clean
18.Mo Money
19.Unity Is Strength (Provided)
20.Haile Selassie
21.Blessings from Above
22.You & I
23.Handle Your Bizness
24.World Leaders (Collieangel Rmx)
25.I'm Free
26.Give Jah Thanks
27.Dry Cry (Live)
28.Nothing Bothers Me
30.Just One of Those Days (Dry Cry)
31.No White God
32.I'm Not Sure
33.Teach the Little Children
34.Jah Love (Acoustic Version)
35.Speak of Jah (Acoustic Version)
36.Clean Heart
37.No War
38.Ganja in My Brain
39.One Love
40.Hard Ground
41.Too Much to Bear
42.Jah Knows
43.Rastafari teach I everything
44.Any Time
45.Love and Affection (Remastered)
46.Jah Love - Sizzla
47.Haven't I Told You
48.Fight Against the Youths
49.Ain't Gonna See Us Fall
51.These Are the Days
52.All I Need
53.Dem a Wonder
54.Give It To Dem
56.Live Longer
57.Praise Ye Jah
58.No Time to Gaze
59.Til It Somemore
60.Dem a Try a Ting
61.No Pain
62.Woman of Africa
63.One Way
65.Fight Against the Youth
66.Black Woman And Child
67.Greedy Joe
68.I Wonder
69.Protect Us & Bless Us
71.Show Us the Way
72.Real (The live Feel)
73.Pure Love

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