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Mc Ren

Bitch Made Nigga Killa

1995 and compton's still up in this motherfucker
Yeah, this album's dedicated to all you real niggaz
But most of all it's dedicated to you bitch ass niggaz

Who is it? the bitch made nigga killa
I'm swingin' on niggaz ever time i feel 'um
'cause niggaz walkin' 'round with they're ass out
So i'll be droppin' funky shit till they pass out
These bitch made niggaz swingin' on the dick
Back the fuck up before i have a fit
I'm peelin' niggaz caps, makin' gang of snaps
Be true to this shit with hard motherfuckin' raps
187 bitch slappin' on the track
Makin' fools break theyself like as if it was a jack
Keep a big stick just incase i gotta swing
The heater is the mack, stashed at the shack
So while your rollin', date is in your force mobile
Just remember motherfuckers the shit caps i peel
Niggaz just a piece of cheese for a hood rat
Falsin' for a hooker and i never understood that
'cause it's the same old shit everyday and every night
'cause nigga ren won't put it down if the shit ain't tight
So listen to the funk as i deal 'um
To a bitch made nigga, i'm the bitch made nigga killa

You know the color the villain's in black
Bitch made niggaz better watch they back
You know the color the villain's in black
Beatin' niggaz ass and it's like that

And i'm stalkin', walkin' in my khaki suit
Tryin' to see what niggaz i'm a have to shoot
This ain't a bang-bang boogie like the new booty flow
New niggaz tryin' to do the shit i did years ago
'cause if it ain't rough it ain't e-motherfuckin' nuff
You bitch made niggaz, here to call you're bluff
Pull your ho card, like my nigga cab said
Crack my big stick up against your damn head
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Yeah, radio suckas never play me
But you can hear bitch made niggaz on daily
Ren gonna have to put his foot down
Motherfuckers ain't gonna like how it's put down
So mic check one, whatever i don't give a damn
Me be ready to slam, when i hit the jam
So yell controversy when i bust a rhyme
No more irresitable bitch made niggaz in '99
Black reign is coming, niggaz it's bad weather
Whenever 187 and ren get together
And listen to the funk as i deal a
Blow to these bitch made niggaz, i'm the bitch made nigga killa


Hypocrite niggaz always runnin' they mouth
>from the north, to the east, to the west, and south
'cause the freaks come out at night
And all bitch made niggaz be comin' 'cause you have no friends
So don't come around playin' double-o 7
'cause your ass might get caught in a two-eleven
Niggaz don't call me 'less the video is poppin'
Only come around when my new shit's droppin'
Niggaz ain't nothin' but some hound dogs i betcha
You bitch made niggaz didn't know i was the bitch catcher
I'll choke ya with a grip
Stranglin' motherfuckers not come correct, so don't slip
Real niggaz don't die, so i'm still alive
Fuckin' up shit in '94 and '95
'cause i'm livin' like a hustler
Busta, heard you was talkin' that shit so ya musta
Thought it wouldn't get back to me
Niggaz ya shoulda thought a million times before you tried to do me
But listen to this funk as i deal a
Blow to you bitch made niggaz, i'm the bitch made nigga killa

You know the color, the villain's in black