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MC Ren

Muhammad Speaks

(Feat. Khalid Muhammad)

[Dr. Khalid Muhammad:]
When they took us from Africa they stripped us
Of our diamonds and our gold and our silver
Our material resource, our spiritual resource
And our human resource
And when we came here
Most of the time we didn't have shoes, we went barefoot
They stripped the black woman
Of whatever little tass-brad she had
Nine months pregnant, tied her up
Tie horses to one leg, horses to the other leg
Beat the horses, make them run in oppsite directions
Until they rip and pull the black woman apart
And the unborn black baby hauled off her
And a no good cracker
Would bring another black woman on
Her stomach fuuuull nine months with the fruit of her woooomb
Take a knife and stick it in her full stomach
With the roundness of her stomach and rip it open
And stick in AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea
Hand inside and snatched the unborn black baby from her
Threw it to the ground and crushed the baby's head
With his boot G's
Make other pregnant black women watch
So that the adrenaline of fear
Would cross it's way through her viens
And stain her brains and touch the unborn life in her
Hoping that the babies will be booooorn
Afraid of a wicked cruel slave master...

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