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MC Ren

B**ch Made Ni**a Killa

who is it?
the Bitch made nigga Killa!
I'm swinging on niggas every time a fill em
cause niggas walk around with their ass out
so I'll be dropping funky shit till they pass out!
these Bitch made nigga's, swinging on the Dick, back the fuck up before I have a fit
I'm pulling niggas caps, make a game of snaps
Be true to this shit with hard mother fucking Raps!
187 bitch slapping on the tracks, making fools break they self's, like if it was a jack
keep a big stick just in case I gotta swing
the heater is the MAC stashed in the shack!
so while you're rolling data in your floss mobile
just remember mother Fuckers this is caps I peel!
Nigga's be a peace of jeans for the Hood rat, toss it for a Hooker, and I never understood that!
Cause it's the same old shit
every day and every night
Cause Nigga REN put it down if the shit ain't tight!
So listen to the funk as I deal em
Blow to a Bitch made nigga
I'm the Bitch Made Nigga Killa!!!

you know the colour, the villain in black
bitch made nigga's better watch their backs.
you know the colour, the villain in black
beat the Nigga's down, and it's like that

and I'm stomping, walking in my kaki suit
try to see what niggas I'm a have to shoot!
this ain't no bang bang Boogie like the new Boogie flow!
you Nigga's try to do the shit, I did years ago!
Cause if it ain't ruff, it ain't mother fuck enough!
you bitch made nigga's here to call your bluff .
pull your own card, like my nigga cam said
rub my big stick up against your dam hands
yeah. .radio the Suckers never play me!
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But you can hear Bitch made nigga's on day'ly!
REN is gonna have to put his foot down
Mother Fuckers ain't gonna like how it's put down!

so mic check 1 when ever, I don't give a dam, me be ready to slam, when I hit the jam!
so yell controversy, when I bust a Rhyme, no more irasistable Bitch Made Nigga's in 99!
Black rain is coming, nigga it's bad weather, when ever 187 and REN get together!
And listen to the Funk as I deal em
Blow to these Bitch Made Nigga's,

you know the colour, the villain in black
bitch made nigga's better watch they backs!
you know the colour, the villain in black
beat the Nigga's down, and it's like that!

Hypocrites niggas all ways running their mouth!
from the North to the east, to the west and south!
cause the Freaks come out at night, now all the bitch made nigga's becoming because they have no friends!
so don't come around playing double 007
cause your ass might be caught in a 2-11
Nigga's don't call me unless the video is poppin!
only come around when my new shit's dropping!
Nigga's ain't nothing but some Hound dog's, I'll bet you you bitch made nigga's didn't know I was a Bitch Catcher!
I'll cyou with a grip, strangling mother Fucker's, not coming correct, so don't slip!
Real nigga's never die, so I'm still alive
Fucking up shit, in 94 And 95
Cause I'm living like a Hustler... Buster
heard you was talking that shit, so you must have thought it wouldn't get back to me
niggas you should have thought a million times before you tried to do me!
But listen to this Funk as I deal em
Blow to you bitch made nigga's ...